Argan Oil Elixir

Argan Oil Elixir


The best kept beauty secret of Morocco, our 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil elixir is the purest and highest grade out there.  The way our oil is delicately cold-pressed ensures that its high concentration of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids aren't lost in the process, making it the most effective oil to nourish, heal and condition your skin, hair, feet, cuticles, and nails.

Hand crushed and cold pressed in Morocco by a collective of Berber women, it's the overachiever of beauty oils—clinically proven to change the way in which your skin cells regenerate, slowly erasing sun spots and freckles and correcting and perfecting every dimension of what we think makes skin look healthy and truly beautiful. This light weight, pale gold liquid is easy to use, has no funny smells, and is the best way to upgrade your skincare routine naturally and luxuriously. Ideal for all ages and skin types.

0.5 FL. Oz / 15ML