Don't Moisturize Without A Face Oil — Here's Why

by Kate W. Read

Many people are hesitant to use face oils because of the perception that they will make your face oily. So, how exactly do face oils work? Well, they start by providing your skin with lipids which are natural fatty acids that are an essential component of your skin and your skin’s barrier function (i.e., keeping all of your good moisturizing oils in and keeping all of the harmful environmental toxins out). Some plants, like Prickly Pear and Argania Spinoza (Argan) are rich in these important fatty acids.  


A face oil’s primary job is to seal in moisture, and if it can do that while also being loaded with antioxidants and nutrients to benefit your skin, then all the better.  The best kind of face oil is made using the cold pressed method—this ensures that the benefits of the plant don't disintegrate in the production or bottling process. We love this prickly pear seed oil and this argan oilwhich go one step further by creating an effective lipid barrier that has a high concentration of antioxidants for perfecting and protecting your skin.

Prickly Pears, for example,  boast 88% unsaturated fatty acids, of which 70% is linoleic acid, which is packed with antioxidants and linked to cancer prevention. These are essential in creating lipid barrier. The Argan Oil in Aradé’s Argan Essence is clinically proven to correct the way your skin regenerates new skin cells. When skin cells duplicate, Argan essence naturally corrects the skin cell’s DNA gene expression, so that your skin regenerates a younger, better version of itself. Yes, ladies. Younger. Better.

It's important to note that some products suggest they can impact your skin’s lipid barriers because these products include Argan Oil or Prickly Pear extract. But the quality, grade and concentration of these ingredients in their formulas is extremely important. Unlike other brands, Aradé’s Prickly Pear Oil Elixir and Argan Essence are 100% the purest and highest grade natural oils. This ensures these products are the most effective in healing and protecting your skin as well as creating impenetrable lipid barriers.

Prickly Pear 

Prickly Pear 

Kate Read