I Used Aradé Beauty for 3 Weeks and This Happened

Next, I applied the Prickly Pear Seed Oil. Again, I was worried that my face would seem oily but my skin just drank in the serum. Finally, I applied the Revitalizing Cream with Argan and Prickly Pear Seed Oils. It left my face feeling soft and supple. My skin actually felt like it was breathing. I didn’t want to put on my makeup because my skin felt so good.

I’m interested to see how my skin feels after the first week!


My routine has been to use the Prickly Pear Seed Oil in the morning because it is nice and light. It gives my face a dewy appearance without looking oily or feeling sticky. Once it soaks in (which it does very quickly), I apply the face cream all over my face and neck. After that, I apply my SPF and my makeup, and I’m done. At night, I use my regular face wash and eye make-up remover. Then, I apply the Argan Oil, concentrating it around my eyes (one of my trouble spots). After it soaks in, I apply the face cream, and then it’s off to bed.

My face is so soft. My husband's commented on it more than once. It is so, so soft.

I have seen a slight reduction in the fine lines around my eyes, but no real change to my freckles or sun damage. I also have an old, small acne scar on my right cheek that seems unchanged.


I continue to use the Prickly Pear during the day, followed by the Revitalizing Cream. I use the Argan Oil at night and about two to three times per week, I use the scrub. I LOVE the scrub--it exfoliates and moisturizes simultaneously. Amazing.

My skin continues to feel really soft, and my husband continues to comment on it! I really like the Prickly Pear Oil because it just absorbs so quickly into my skin. I feel like my skin legitimately needs all of the nutrients in this oil. I also started concentrating the Argan Oil on my décolletage which has not been aging gracefully.

I feel like the overall quality of my skin is getting better. It seems softer, and I’ve lost some of the fine lines around my eyes! I still have not noticed much difference with my freckles or sun damage.

One thing that I had not anticipated is a psychological benefit…I feel so good about putting such high quality, organic ingredients on my face. This practice has made me re-evaluate the other products that I’m using.


My skin is very soft and feels well hydrated. It feels totally different from the skin that I had three weeks ago. The areas that I notice the most difference are 1) around my eyes. I have seen a definite decrease in the fine lines around my eyes which makes me so happy because that is where I see my aging the most. 2) My neck. I didn’t really think my neck needed much of anything, but I can see that the skin on my neck looks and feels better. 3) My décolletage has lost those lines that it was beginning to develop! The lines were faint and only visible in certain light, but they were definitely trying to make an appearance. Now, I don’t see them. In any light…ever.

The only thing I haven’t noticed change too much are my freckles/sun damage. I’m hopeful that as I continue to use the products, they will lighten and begin to fade.

Regardless, this week I had one friend tell me that my skin looked “really good,” and she asked what I’d been doing differently. That made my day!

Overall, I'd recommend the Aradé products because they are such high quality, natural, organic ingredients that really impact your skin. I feel good using them and they make my skin feel soft and supple while looking better than ever.

The only drawback that I can see right now is that Aradé doesn’t make a sunblock or cosmetics.


I Used Aradé for 3 Weeks and This Happened

By Kate W. Read

Day 1

Woo-hoo! They're here. Unlike some of the other organic and natural products that I have ordered in the past (which have arrived in a variety of unsightly containers with seemingly little thought to packaging and shipping), these glass vials felt heavy, luxe, even decadent with each product individually packaged in a thick white box with a thin gold line outlining the product name.  Opening the packages, each product is held in a clear glass container so you can see the quality and purity of the oils—all a rich golden yellow.  I was very excited to try Aradé's beauty products. 

I first used the scrub which contains “fine grains of Argan nut shell powder and Jojoba Bean splinters combined with Argan Oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Aloe Vera Extract.” I worked it around my face and neck in circular motions for about one minute. I was worried that the oil would leave my face feeling sticky and/or…well, oily. I used a clean wash cloth that I wet with cool water to rinse off the scrub; my face and neck felt soft and exfoliated—not at all oily.


Veronica Gledhill